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Zendragon’s Tony Stark/Ironman seen at HMV Oxford Street, London

Back in October of 2010 I had the opportunity to go to London and help promote the release of the Ironman 2 DVD release.

For me this was the opportunity of a lifetime due to being such a fan of the Ironman franchise.  In addition, I had never been out of the United States, unless you count Canada.  So this would be an adventure for me.  Everything was of course last minute, as it seems to be with these types of things and within a couple of days everything had been worked out, the promotions company had sent me info on my flight, arranged for a car service to pick me up at the airport and provided me with the plans for the two days that I would be working with them.

Once I arrived in London, my friend John and I (Ironman Mark II) met up with the promotions company and went over the schedule for the next couple of days.  We then found ourselves some dinner and prepared for the next day, which would consist of several changes in and out of armor, 9 hours and a media tour with magazines and photo shoots all over London.

After a busy day, I had the opportunity to participate in consuming libations with new friends at a local pub.  The ending of which made the next day more challenging… but all things considered, that was one of the best nights I had participated in a long while.

The next day would be spent at the Oxford Street HMV in costume helping to spread the word of the DVD release.  You can see a video that HMV shot of the event below.

I plan to go back to London in the not too distant future, only this time with Abby DarkStar and with my Sherlock Holmes costume 😉

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