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OMG! Cosplay is RUINING the Economy

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Wait. Wut?

If you are having a similar reaction, here is some clarity.  Recent articles (mostly from Fox News and we KNOW how reliable their news coverage is) have touted information from Japan about the lack of young people getting jobs due to lack of opportunity and instead, spending their time on video games and cosplay. Therefore, the article brought up how cosplay is viewed here in the states, with the title of it being a “bad sign”.  (Original article here).

Lets take a look at that for a moment. The economy is bad, but nowhere near the recession that it was. While unemployment is still a huge concern, according to the Bureau of Labor in September 2013 it was 7.2% and now in Sept 2014 it is 5.2%, so unemployment is DOWN in the US. [i]

Ok. Now let’s look at cosplay. Cosplayers make costumes and as the above article stated, CAN spent tons of money on them. Isn’t that money reinvested in the economy? Additionally, the data given on said cosplayers who spend the $$ on these costumes is incomplete. What demographic are these cosplayers? Are they employed? Age range?

Most of the costumers that I know that spent a “good deal of money” on their costumes have regular jobs or own their own businesses. Last I checked that contributed to the economy. And EVEN if these people were unemployed, they are still purchasing items to make said items- isn’t that good for the economy as well?

I’m not even going to go into the sales that GEEK movies have brought in this year, another “symptom” of a failing economy, undoubtedly! DON’T YOU DARE MAKE A STARLORD NOW!

Lets examine the sensationalism of the article. The point of enabling youth to get jobs and continue to be a part of a productive society is a good one. I’ve been a long proponent of cosplayers making sure they have actual marketable skills so they can WORK and not rely on this fickle beast that is the Cosplay market to support themselves. We don’t need the great “Cosplay Crash of 2014”. BUT BLAMING a movement or trend on economic changes is ludicrous and honestly, stupid. Markets take a long period of time to be able to determine actual trends. Maybe they are commenting on the sociological aspects- okay. My response?

“The WALTZ is a symptom if immorality!” “Beware JAZZ!” and “Rock and ROLL is the END of society.” These are actual news headlines. Last I checked, none of the above brought the end of anything. Just a change.

Unbunch thy panties news outlets and report on actual NEWS.

[i] it should be noted that the unemployment rates don’t include those with part time jobs that would like full time work, nor does it include the “underemployed” which are people that have full time jobs but don’t make enough to live on.


  • The “mainstream” does not understand cosplay, comic conventions, or any of the so called geek culture. But a consultant somewhere in the bowels of the Fox corporation said “You know what’s hot? Cosplay is hot. So let’s make up some story where we can talk about cosplay”

    Of course, that is ever so much simpler than conducting a professional journalistic investigation into the concept interviewing experts and gathering opinions on both sides before delivering a balanced and un-opinionated report. Plus all those people that are cosplay will talk about it and it won’t cost the marketing people a thing…

  • StevenTMahlberg Says

    This first time I read something like this it was from some of the vendors at the Comic Cons saying that they believed Cosplay was killing the Cons. Contrary to what the media says, the economy still isn’t that great and unemployment is still high… perhaps that’s the real reason the Cons are not doing that great for the time being.

    On another thought, Fox News is just as unreliable as all of the others.

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