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My Name is Abby and I Hate Spirit Gum



My Name is Abby and I hate Spirit Gum.

I cringe when I hear people use it to adhere prosthetics and want to shout a Vader “NOOOOOO!” I’m not prejudiced without reason. When I first began costuming I used Spirit Gum to adhere masks, elf ears, what have you. I also spent hours trying to get it off my face, ultimately leaving me with red, itchy and chafed Black Cat face days or weeks after removal. EVEN using the Spirit Gum ‘remover’.

I started avoiding masks just because I couldn’t take the pain. When I decided to do Arkham Asylum Poison Ivy I realized that I didn’t have much of a choice and had to find a better product to use.

Enter: Pros-Aide.

Pros-Aide is a medical grade adhesive. When it was first developed it was used in medical applications like breast appliances for women who had mastectomies. This means that as a prosthetic glue it is non toxic, non-irritating, and can bond for long lengths of time. It is water based so it won’t dry out your skin.

IT IS MAGICAL. I have very sensitive skin, and even after being in Arkham Ivy for several hours at San Diego Comic Con, the adhesive came off without irritating my skin.

Now there is another adhesive that is supposed to be just as good as or even better than Pros-Aide, Telesis. Telesis is also a medical grade adhesive designed to be non-irritating. I haven’t had experience with it, due to it being more expensive than Pro’s Aide, but I’ve heard from monster make up artists that it is the new ‘go-to’ for many serious SFX artists.

Put down that Spirit Gum! There is a better way!

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