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May the Fourth Be With You- Satele Shan Lightsaber

IMGP8616When the Star Wars: The Old Republic teaser  “Hope” was released I knew that I had finally found my Star Wars character. Don’t get me wrong, I have dreamed of doing a SW costume for some time, probably since that first showing of the Original Trilogy, and the hundredth time of reading “The Courtship of Princess Leia.” I toyed with the idea of a New Hope Leia, tossed around the idea of becoming blue-green for Aayla, donned the infamous Slave Leia for a time. But, I never really found a character that ‘spoke’ to me. Until the moment I saw Satele Shan. The grace, the movement and OMG that tunic.

I turned to Zen and said, “I have to do this costume.” At the time, Celebration IV was on the horizon, so I had a goal. To go to my first celebration with my first Star Wars costume.

After realizing how much detail went into the tunic through hours of research,we looped in Twisted World who custom tanned the leather and made the tunic, boots and base gloves. We sculpted and cast the armor pieces on the boots. We had the belt buckle & arm piece 3D printed, then we cast it into a resin. We made custom strapping….and then came the saber.

The first saber we made (as pictured here:


Was a base saber from an online retailer. I’m omitting the name due to the absolutely shoddy service we received from them, but it was a simple double bladed saber. We then had parts 3D printed for the ‘end caps’ and switches. Then had a custom water decal added to the saber. We added paint and…meh.

While it achieved the look of the character, the amount of work that had been done on the costume, the saber just seemed- lacking in comparison with the rest of the costume. But what could we do? The costume God’s had a plan: at Celebration VI while walking the halls in Satele Shan I hear, “that’s my costume!” I looked, and saw someone carrying a saber that looked JUST like the Satele Shan saber. “That’s my saber!” I exclaimed.

We had the happy chance of meeting Oogli Sabers. After that, it was magic. Oogli custom made my saber out of aluminum with the precision of a master craftsman. (He says he’s just a hobbyist.) I recommend that you head over to Oogli Sabers to see more of the progress on my saber, or as she’s called, “Lula Mae.”





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