We are a costuming couple out of the San Francisco Bay Area. We enjoy costuming together for conventions and charity work. Costuming for us is about creating accurate costumes based on movies, artwork, and video games. Hope you enjoy the site.

KeAbtium and the Replica Prop Forum (RPF)

KeAbtium Website and Message Board:

So many of you know that Abby Dark-Star and I started this website a while back. Mostly to post up costume photos, con reviews, tutorials and stuff like that. We also set up a FB “Page” as a way to promote the site. You can see the page here:

Abby and I both have been members of several different costume/prop forums and message boards over the years. Most have ended up falling into similar categories; small and quiet, a bit larger but local focused, only covering one area of costuming, drama filled…

One of the things we really wanted to do was to create a message board that welcomed everyone, that wasn’t focused on membership or ranking or “popular kids”, most of all lacked drama, but that was geared towards knowledge sharing, fun and productivity.

As we thought more about it, we realized that getting a new forum off the ground can be challenging, not to mention that without content would just be “another” little spot on the web that only a few people went frequented.

Around the same time, we had been talking to Art Andrews, the owner of the http://www.therpf.com/ and he was looking to expand the “Replica Costume” Section to include all types of costuming. We discussed their goals for the future around a costume board and it very much aligned with ours.

We are happy to announce that Abby and I have become the new Staff Members at the Replica Prop Forum and our focus will be to help build the Costume and Cosplay section. This will be our home instead of creating our own forum and will be linked via this site.

You might ask yourself what the http://www.therpf.com/ has that other boards do not? Why you should consider becoming a member today.

1. Membership – over 40k
2. Activity and Visibility – the RPF has significant traffic which can bring more attention to your projects than just about any other forum
3. Established – the RPF has been online for well over 10 years. Heck, this month is my 10 year Anniversary on the boards
4. Resources – with membership from all over the world, in all different genres working in all different fields, you have access to some of the best resources out there
5. Well run and managed – the RPF isn’t about anything other than props, sculpting, costumes and model making.
6. Minimal drama – it happens from time to time, but for the most part everyone is an adult and acts like one
7. It’s a family – of people all over the world, but who not only care about the forum, but also each other. Good people.

I encourage you to check it out. At first it may be overwhelming. There is a lot of information going on. But in time, you will find it like many have before you; to be a fun and very resourceful\helpful place.

If you have questions or needs, I will be your personal guide, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

In the next several months the RPF will be working to build several different areas of the site to offer more features and resources. Stay tuned!!

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