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Irene Adler Photo Frame Prop Tutorial

As a gift to Zendragon, I made a reproduction of the Victorian frame that Holmes attempts to hide in the movie. I have never made a prop like this before, so this was an entirely new undertaking. I normally try to keep to more sewing props, lol.

Screenshot of the prop:

After searching the internet for suitable frames, I found a ‘sign’ blank at Michaels craft store. I bought two, and cut the second one in half.

I stained the wood and added the hinges after a clear coat.

I found an acrylic magnetic frame and picked up some sculpty for the circle that would be around the frame. I also picked up some 1/2 inch foam board and velvet.

After cutting out the circle piece for the picture, I covered the foam board pieces in velvet and inserted them into the frame pieces using hot glue. The center one was attached with velcro so it could be removable to change pictures.

Made the sculpty circle, baked it and applied several layers of metallic gold paint, then attached it with hot glue. (as seen in the velvet picture)

The completed picture assembled with myself as Ms. Adler:



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