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Irene Adler Hat and Wig Tutorial

First up, what I will be making, the Irene Adler hat from Sherlock Holmes:

For the character of Irene Adler I was most happy to have my old standard straight stitch!!

The hat blank, made of buckram.

Using a flannel (because there was no velvet or felt available in enough time to cover the hat) I covered the crown.

I hand sewed the crown cover…

and then covered the crown.

For the brim I had to sew the inside (where the crown and brim would attach, and then pin the edges and sewed them. I did this to both sides.

Please excuse the books lined on the floor, my book shelves collapsed and I haven’t gotten new ones.

After this, I added bias to the edges to cover the edges of the brim. Then attached the crown and brim together.

Using my steamer and a curling iron (not on) I used it to roll up one side of the brim:

I then added a piece of fabric to be used as a ribbon around the crown.

The Flowers:

Now for styling the wig:

The wig on:


Completed (doing alterations to Watson’s coat at the con):

Holmes, Adler and Watson


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