We are a costuming couple out of the San Francisco Bay Area. We enjoy costuming together for conventions and charity work. Costuming for us is about creating accurate costumes based on movies, artwork, and video games. Hope you enjoy the site.

Welcome to KeAbtium.com!

Welcome to the first blog post of KeAbtium. Com, I’ll be your host, Abby! We’re looking to get this website up and running in the coming year so that it will be a place that not only can you follow the wacky adventures of Abby and Keith, but find great resources for costuming, gaming, movies, and all things that are generally geeky!

We’ll be featuring tutorials that we create as we start on new costumes, sources to find whatever you want to work on, as well as have a general good time!

You can find out more about us by visiting the different areas of the site, and please feel free to suggest things to us. We’ll be linking the website to our Facebook, twitter and other social medias!

I’ll share a little of what has been going on recently- we are having the official grand opening of Stark’s Bar and Lounge! No, we didn’t open a bar, BUT- we did turn the dining room into a lounge. A lounge fit for one Mr. Tony Stark. The grand opening will be on New Years Eve! Here are some pictures from the ‘soft’ opening on Dec 17th!

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