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Feeling the Force (AKA Confessions of a Celebration Virgin, AKA Celebration 6 Review)

Celebration is a convention completely centered around the Star Wars universe. Fans come from around the world to experience their favorite series and all that the fandom has to offer! From vendors, exclusives, sets based on the movies, actors, special effects, and art. Everything was in Orlando Florida this past August!

It was my first Celebration, and was a wonderful experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. I grew up with the original trilogy, I read the books, comics and enjoyed the new Clone Wars. At Celebration 6 there was so much to do and see I felt like I was a kid bouncing off the walls!

One of the most notable displays was the As You Wish Project. This project was a unique charity fundraiser that encouraged artists to take the iconic Mandolorian helmet and transform it. The project raised over $135,000 for Make A Wish Foundation!

The LEGO areas were a huge hit with kids (and their families). There were tons of attractions and interactive booths and the vendors were in a world class themselves! The location, space, food and set up of the facility was one of the best I had seen. There was room to maneuver (not easy to do with a double bladed lightsaber). There were tons of costumes to admire and people to speak with.

The groups like the Rebel Legion, Mando Mercs, 501st made a huge impact on the convention, their zeal for the fandom really providing the ambiance that many enjoyed in the ‘sets’ that they constructed. They also had charity drives at the convention, showing the heart that is in the fandom.

Over all I enjoyed the experience immensely as did Zen. Overall I would recommend that anyone with a love of Star Wars looking for a great family friendly convention to attend, this would be it. There is nothing like it in the galaxy!



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