We are a costuming couple out of the San Francisco Bay Area. We enjoy costuming together for conventions and charity work. Costuming for us is about creating accurate costumes based on movies, artwork, and video games. Hope you enjoy the site.

“Dear Abby” Videos

Sometimes, via the Abby Dark Star FB Page, or other Social Media people ask questions.  All sorts of different ones.  You can see all of the “Dear Abby” videos right here and SUBCRIBE to our YouTube Chanel if you enjoy them and want to be updated on new stuff.

“Dear Abby” Part 1: Being Single, Batman vs Ironman and Avoiding Wardrobe Malfunctions

Part 2:  Cosplay Inspiration, Zombie Apocalypse,Marvel vs DC and Prince Charming

Part 3:  Super Powers, Cartoons, Getting Hit On, and making costumes

Part 4:  Dating Coplayers, Wives and Girlfriends, Cooking Turkey and Speaking Languages

Part 5:  What Inspires you to Pick a Cosplay? And more!

Part 6:  Questions about Boobs & Happiness

Part 7:  What About the Boobs?



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