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How to make a Deanna Troi wig from Star Trek The Next Generation

Zen and I wanted to do Deanna Troi and William Riker for WonderCon. We were both lucky enough that Anovo’s lent us the use of their prototype redshirt, and screen used science officer outfits. I also have the cranberry jumpsuit that was made for me a couple of years ago that I hadn’t worn to a convention.I knew that one of the signature identifying aspects of Troi was her hair. So I set about styling a black-brown lace front wig.It arrived poofier than hell, and snarled. I was at a loss and began to do some research!


Huzzah! I discovered Johnson and Johnson No More Tangles.

Spraying the wig about 4 inches above, I coated the strands with the No More Tangles and then ran my fingers through the hair. It worked beautifully!

Once I got the wig entirely detangled, I began the styling process. I separated the hair into parts and began to ‘tease’ it a bit to give it volume in the front.

I then pulled it back and secured the front with multiple bobby pins. To get the full look, I went for a half up/half down look that she has in several episodes.

Then came the headband. Now, it was the day before the convention so I went with what I had. A childs headband, hot glue and some ‘jewels’.

Taking a reference image, I sketched (badly) what I thought the design was. Then, realizing I didn’t have enough jewels of the colors I needed, improvised!

The finished product was then pinned into the wig!

I plan on redoing the headband with actual beading but in a pinch, it worked! Once I put the screen used costume on, I took the headband off ☺

(photos provided by Eurobeat Kasumi & Anovos)


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