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Costume Repair & Reset: Always Be Ready For Cosplay!



After the hours spent working on a costume, worrying about it and the fun of wearing it; you’re done, right? You don’t EVER have to worry about that costume again!

I wish this was the case, but unfortunately it’s not. If you want to wear the costume again, there is repair and reset period. I’m borrowing this term from theater, where after a performance the stage is ‘reset’ for the next show.

Usually after a con you take off the costume in jubilation and/or frustration. It is now a sweaty, smelly heap of convention-ness.



  •   Let it air out. This is especially true if you perspire a lot. Spray liberally with febreeze (on areas that you have tested to see if Febreeze is safe) Hang the costume up in front of a vent or open space in the closet. If it is armor, lay it out where ever you can.


  •   Take a note of things that need to be repaired. Check your seams, write everything down. Doing so gives you an idea of what you need to do when you get home.

Once you get home from the convention, after you’ve recovered from an undoubtedly awesome time:

  •   Make your repairs. Look over the costume.  Is there anything you need to redo or changes to make? Make them. Doing so ahead of time for the next convention ensures that you aren’t rushed a week before a con trying to make magic happen.


  •   Hand wash or dry clean pieces that need to be washed. Wipe down hard armor with a damp cloth.


  • Store your costume once it is cleaned together. Putting a list on the outside of your storage method (garment bag or tub) of what goes with the costume helps when you are packing, too!

There you go! Costume Repair & Reset!

Do you have an idea that I didn’t mention? Let me know through the comments below!

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