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Arkham Asylum Poison Ivy Wig Tutorial

In an effort to be more active here, I’ve put together a little ‘show n tell’ more than tutorial as I didn’t take nearly enough photos for this to be an effective ‘how-to’.

Original art:

Base wig:

Because Arkham Ivy’s hairstyle is called a ‘widow’s peak’, which means it has a “V” in the front. I created a pattern insert that I sewed to front of the base wig. On top of that I placed a foam piece in order to give the widows peak some height. I sewed some candy apple red hair wefts unto the pattern insert that I flipped over.

I then pulled back the side pieces and inserted some more foam into the crown of the head and pinned it. The hair over the foam kept sliding, so I used spray adhesive and then styled the hair over it. After styling the hair, I sprayed it liberally with spray adhesive so it wouldn’t move once it dried and also used hair spray.

Now in the original Ivy wig, her hair goes straight back, the weight of the actual hair didn’t allow me to keep the style and the height. I am working on ideas for how to accomplish this in a v 2.0 wig.


All in all, I was pretty happy with the way it came out.

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