"Kay-Ab-tium – it's elemental!"


Keith and Abby

Keith and Abby

Who we are:

We are a costuming couple out of the San Francisco Bay Area. We enjoy costuming together for conventions and charity work. Costuming for us is about creating accurate costumes based on movies, artwork, and video games. We try our best to recreate the characters through appearance, costume, and presence. It is what we enjoy about the hobby. To be sure, it is a hobby. Costuming is not what we do for a living.

Zen has been costuming for over 10 years with his first costume being Indiana Jones. He grew up on the staples of geekdom today with Indiana Jones and Star Wars.

Abby got into costuming by way of being a theater geek. Influenced by her stay at home Dad, afternoons were filled with cartoons, comics and old tv shows like Battlestar Galactica and Dr. Who. She enjoys passing on the joys that she experienced as a child to people and families at conventions.

So- what is the deal with KeAbtium? What is it?

KeAbtium started out as a joke. One sunny afternoon while chatting on the phone,  Abby made a comment, “we’re so awesome we’re like an element. Probably be a gassy one though.” The conversation continued on, and ultimately the name, ‘KeAbtium’ was born. It is the two first letters of Zen (Keith) and Abby’s name, with the ‘-tium’ ending (which is an actual ending on the periodic table of elements).

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