We are a costuming couple out of the San Francisco Bay Area. We enjoy costuming together for conventions and charity work. Costuming for us is about creating accurate costumes based on movies, artwork, and video games. Hope you enjoy the site.


Keith and Abby

Keith and Abby

Who we are:

Keith and Abby are a cosplay couple located in San Francisco, California. They were brought together by their love of cosplay, community and all things geeky. Buoyed by a sense of humor, tenacity and a desire to make the imaginary reality this husband and wife team has made it their mission to share the joys and rewards of Cosplay with the world. Their tutorials, convention appearances, live streams and partnerships with prop makers, studios, pro resources and artists give them a unique advantage in providing a solid foundation in the craft and community.

So- what is the deal with KeAbtium? What is it?

KeAbtium started out as a joke. One sunny afternoon while chatting on the phone,  Abby made a comment, “we’re so awesome we’re like an element. Probably be a gassy one though.” The conversation continued on, and ultimately the name, ‘KeAbtium’ was born. It is the two first letters of Zen (Keith) and Abby’s name, with the ‘-tium’ ending (which is an actual ending on the periodic table of elements).